“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

H.P. Lovecraft


Howard Phillips Lovecraft lived a strange life, paved with death and insanity. Over the years he became increasingly marginalized, only venturing out for brief trips. His behavior became stranger, only writing at night and living as a recluse with his aunts and a multitude of cats in an old house. Lovecraft only stopped his correspondence with other others to write stories. However, he quickly became disappointed with the results and rapidly gave up.

     Today, his famous creations have taken on a life of their own, his works characterizing the great torment endured by the protagonists who become insane after discovering the real nature of the world. His friend, August Derleth founded the Arkham House publishing house with the aim of popularizing Lovecraft.


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The Dreamworld

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is without a doubt the most influential fiction writer of the twentieth century. His unique and terrifying imagination inspired generations of writers, directors, artists and game creators, from Neil Gaiman and G. R. R. Martin to Metallica.The Dream cycle establishes one of the main pillars of this work. It stages nightmarish deities which haunt recurring territories throughout the master’s writings. From Celephaïs to Kadath, this is what we know as the Dreamworld, presented by the H. P. Lovecraft expert himself, Leeman Kessler. Between dream and reality, from the bewitching city of gods at the heart of the frozen desert to the somber valley of ghouls, lose yourself in the phantasmagoric meanderings of the forbidden lands from which you may never return.



Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare, 1781, oil on canvas

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