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Studying Comparative Law in the Paris area, I have discovered in myself a passion for the ancient books written by the masters of literature. Sublime volumes with thick bindings and covers, filled with typographic ornaments, initials and illustrated by the greats.
     I was quickly disappointed by the ebook format, often rendering poor-quality reproductions of those beautiful works I hold dear, on the grounds that they are now part of the public domain. Especially considering most works I wish to read are hardly available in ebook format. I was left spending hours researching, reformatting, transferring and revising texts in order to enjoy them in the comfort of my bed with my e-reader.
Therefore I improved my editing skills, trying different softwares increasingly difficult to master, obtaining a better result for every new book I edited. I slowly amassed an exquisite collection that I decided to make accessible to all via online platforms.

     These monumental works often left behind contain very detailed insights, whereas their contemporary only skim this knowledge by a clumsy appropriation of their content.
These publications are to me a source of inspiration, driving me to new thinking, drastically altering my reasoning and the way I look at the world. I hope they will in turn inspire you and that your passion will bring new life to them. Consequently, these writing will remain in our cultural heritage and will be transmitted to future generations.


Gustave Doré, Don Quichotte in his library, 1863, illustration

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