Elliot Bramham - International Financial Planner

Elliot Bramham
Financial Planner

Raised on the French Riviera, I spent most of my life outside of the U.S. Prior to financial planning, I worked in Paris for multi-national law firms and in the U.K. for a local wealth management company during my postgraduate studies. I used my spare-time to take part in a variety of activities including the creation of an online publishing house and working as national treasurer in the largest independent law students’ association, leading to regular travels across Europe.

I graduated from law school in France where I studied Comparative Law before studying Investment Management in the U.K. In addition, I passed the regulatory exam of the French financial markets authority (AMF), hold a Series 65 license to act as investment adviser in the U.S. and am a recipient of an educational trust award from the main U.K. financial services professional body (CISI).

Author of multiple legal articles, I am published in Bloomberg as a winner of the inaugural Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Insights student writing competition.


  • International wealth management
  • US expat financial planning
  • Cross-border investment strategies
  • International family financial advisory
  • Expat tax planning


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